Abuses are the actions and the deficiencies that seriously disturbs the child, outrage to his corporeal integrity, to his physical, emotional, intellectual and sexual growth.

Stop Now!
PHYSICAL ABUSE: it happen when is caused, through a voluntary action of violence, physical injuries to a child.

PSYCHOLOGICAL ABUSE: every behavior that can alter, in lasting or definitive way, the feelings of personal self-respect that each human being must possess.

SEXUAL ABUSE: every sexual intercourse that causes physical injuries or is imposed to the child not observing his right to a free consent.

EMOTIONAL ABUSE: it is a collateral effect that accompanied each other form of abuse, but it can exist even independently. It happen when we use arms like the sense of guilt or the fear to influence the behavior of the child.

These are the abuses that many adults (all?) commit daily against the children, and not necessarily one is worse than other one, they are all actions of violence against a human being, and particularly, against a human being physical and psychological disadvantage, therefore worse than other actions of violence. It’s time to take conscience and fight for the liberation of the child, to free the child from emotional blackmails that daily almost every parent does against its own children; from psychological abuse continually commit by mass media, by school, by church; from violence of every kind; and to do it, the only way is to free the child from the curse of adults, give him the chance to think, acknowledge him the freedom of choice and conscience:

Only doing it, maybe one day this world will change and will become a little more just. There are myriad of organizations, they say nonprofit, that shout the world their wish to fight for the “rights” of the children in favor of the “protection” against the exploitation; they do innumerable advertising campaigns with mysterious costs and impression phrases, they organize assemblies and seminaries with important personages of culture, movie and television, collect billions, are present in every TV program, and other thousand stuff.
If we see all that without critic eyes, we think how they’re good…, but, what they suggests like solution, and, above all, what idea have them of the child?
Practically any of these officials organizations have the same basic ideas and are founded upon the mystification of the child as he was something different, a luxury mascot, an animal going to extinction; in fact their password is PROTECT, forge a golden cage around the child to isolate him from this repugnant and dangerous world in which we live, but they forget something: had been themselves and their ideas and values, that suggest now as solution, to do what this world is.

We think, instead, the child is entirely a human being, equal to all others on the rights, being part of this world and therefore subject in the society. Is useless and harmful to hide him (or hide to him?) by some years the truth, make him arrive unready to face the reality, in which a nice day (soon or later it happens) he will wake up. It needs instead to train him to live, give him the opportunity to know, to choose, to experience, make mistakes, learn, love, become FREE. Only a free being could be conscious of its rights and defend them. Only a free being could defend itself against the abuses like no law and/or organization will be able to do, never.

They think the causes of violence have to be seeked on the absence of values, the breakup of the family, drugs, sexual freedom, etc. Their thoughts currently seem like those of some decade ago: god (religion, Christian values, who doesn’t think like us is a devil’s son and we could not allow them contaminate our young with sinful ideas), homeland (hurray! the infallible and unchangeable state, different ideas won’t arrive to the future citizens before we could complete to “program them”), family (this baby is mine and I manage him, I will make him think like I want, I will make with him what I want: he’s mine, and I maintain him too!)…… or else: believe (in that what tells you mommy TV), obey (to the responsible adults, like: dad, mama, priest, teacher, police officer, minister), fight (the different, the homosexual and the others sexual “maniac” , the gypsies, the drug addicts, the handicapped).

If a medicine doesn’t treat me the illness, after some time, I leave it and test another one, if I am not completely crazy. If we had experimented a social theory through decades (see insolvable traditional mononuclear family) or therefore worse, through centuries (see religious doctrines) and these had not resolved any of the fundamental problems of the humanity, is really crazy insist in this direction or, therefore worse, propose them like new solutions.
Sex? god save us, what repugnant thing (when others do it), we must save the children from this shame. How do you think you had born, from a cabbage? or from two persons who have had sex? Without sex there is not life and we would say too that life is sex. Do you want to avoid every sexual emotion to the children because you think it’s traumatic and harmful? Well you mustn’t breast-feed babies because this action is very erotic to them! (if you don’t believe us read Freud).

Do you believe sex is a beautiful thing? Then, why the child must feel it like something negative, something that could not be make until WE decide the time is arrived? Why protect the child from something that is nice and could give so much joy of live if made for love and with love?