Children’s Manifesto

Children's Manifesto
Children’s Manifesto

New Child Rights Declaration. Ten points against the discrimination and the segregation of the child.

1. We are Human Beings (not a protected specie)
Must be acknowledge to the children every human being right till now acknowledge only to adults. Everyone is born free and everyone have the same rights. There must not be discrimination based arbitrarily on age.
2. I decide! (auto determination)
Every child has the right to express his own opinion and to decide about his own life and his own body. This right must be absolute when the child becomes aware of it and there must not be arbitrarily defined an age when it “can happen”. From that occurrence, adults must not take decision in conflict with the free will of the child. This point includes other civil rights like the right to vote.
3. All equal, all diverse (no to the cultural homologation)
Pledge to everybody equal rights doesn’t mean homologate everyone to the same ideas. Children must be able to receive and to research information from every viewpoint and not to be forced to believe in parents, school or mass media opinions. They must be able to be themselves, not what parents or other people want.
4. Grow up in freedom, be educated to freedom
The right to freedom mustn’t be subordinated to the right of protection, which is often used like alibi to limit the fundamental rights of the child-person. It’s needed instead to train the children to live, give him the chance to comprehend, to choose, to make experiences, mistakes, to learn, to love, to become free. Only a free being must be aware of his rights and will defend them. Only a free being may defend himself against the abuses.
5. Stop violence (physical, psychological, sexual, emotional)
We must recognize the true violence, to be able to fight against it. Protect against violence doesn’t mean limit the personal freedom. There mustn’t be two different standards, often such one that doesn’t leaves physical marks is worse than other ones.
6. Privacy
Children are not property of parents or state, they have the right to privacy and it must be warranted, they must be able to have their own and inviolable spaces and a life without the continuous oppression of censor adults where they may find their own place and, if them consider it necessary, to change it. Family must be a right, not an obligation. Feelings and friendships must be chosen freely.
7. Let us grow up, do experiences
Education and school mustn’t be a manner to breaking in children or to impose a preconceived will. It must be an environment where they can learn to reason, where they can make experiences, where acquire useful means to develop. Learn must be furthermore a pleasant and constructive experience, not coercive. So that, education must be guarantied, not compulsory.
8. Right to life (and health)
Every child-person must have the right to born and grow up with health, completely. There mustn’t be permitted traditions or social or religious uses that prevent the completely development of person. Hospitals, medical care, food, health and habitation services must be guaranteed.
9. No more economic disparity
With actual resources, disparity between third world children and developed countries children is immoral. Economic development mustn’t compromise the physical and cultural survival of poor countries children’s. They don’t need charity, they need social justice. Work and exploitation means must not be confused.
10. A livable world
All these rights may not apply in a inhabitable world, ruined by pollution, exploitation and overpopulation. There must be put in to action every option to safeguard the environment from harmful.